Drama Grades

Prepare to Perform

Five drama syllabus specifications to develop confidence and communication through solo and group performance from Initial to Grade 8

  • Five performance subjects to choose from: Acting, Communication Skills, Musical Theatre, Performance Arts, Speech and Drama covering the broadest range of contemporary performance and theatre-making.
  • Designed for a diverse range of contemporary drama teaching contexts including one-to-one, classroom and performing arts schools.
  • All of our drama exams allow teachers and candidates free-choice of performance pieces to focus on works that play to their strengths, interests or complement an existing curriculum.
  • Over 100 digital support resources for teachers and candidates, with an online anthology providing a diverse and international range of example pieces that offer the structure and inspiration needed to build exam programmes.
  • New syllabus specification design containing detailed assessment criteria, learning outcomes and attainment descriptors to support the teacher and candidate to succeed.

Exam syllabus specifications

Please contact the Trinity China office for exam syllabus specifications.

“For them to have a goal, that they can work towards as a group, together, to support each other, with friendly examiners, makes them feel like they've really achieved something at the end of the day. Something they can be proud of.”
UK drama teacher

“What they want you to do at Trinity exams is to express yourself. It's a whole lot of fun!”
UK student

“Trinity is a fantastic exam system because it is concerned with individual progress, while offering a fantastic framework and flexibility.”
UK drama teacher

“I personally think it's a real, concrete measure of progress.”
UK parent

“Trinity allows you to have lots of fun and play around with the syllabus. You can modulate the subjects they're learning according to their skill sets.”
UK drama teacher

“I think doing drama with Trinity helps me be more confident.”
UK student

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