Rock & Pop

Performance is at the heart of Trinity’s Rock & Pop exams — whether self-taught or taking lessons, learning for fun or heading for a career in the music industry, these exams help musicians develop valuable playing skills and achieve their musical ambitions.

The Rock & Pop syllabus features brand new song lists, now with an even wider range of well-known rock and pop music to choose from, to allow you to demonstrate your individual musical style by playing songs you know and love.

The exams are supported by a range of resources that provide essential support for learners:  

  • graded songbooks containing all the songs needed for the exam, and performance tips and background information on the songs  
  • demo and backing tracks for the songs in the books, as downloads or on CD 
  • additional Trinity Rock & Pop arrangements suitable for use as own-choice songs, check here for the latest additions  
  • session skills example tests books

Please contact the Trinity China office for exam syllabus details.

‘What I like best about the Trinity syllabus is the variety. All different kinds of students can find something in that syllabus that they're really into. There's something for everybody.’
Julie Parker, Keyboards Teacher

‘My favourite thing about the syllabus is that you're actually teaching real songs. They're not just tracks that someone's written to sound like a particular artist. They're the actual tracks of the artist.’
Paul Rippengal, Guitar Teacher

‘I really like the range because there's a good cross-section of all the different genres in Rock and Pop.’
Ben Killick, Drums Teacher

‘Rock & Pop is about performing and our exams are designed to reflect that.’
Francesca Christmas, Director of Music at Trinity

See the Trinity Rock website for more information

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